Stu Maitland

Doctor, neurophysiology researcher & computer scientist

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About me

I'm an active clinical researcher, looking at why we lose strength as we grow older. I'm a programmer, interested in how we can use computers to model complex neurological systems. My experience is in Python (especially Django) and machine learning.
This site is a sort of portfolio to gather together odds and ends that I've been working on.



I've worked in a team to develop a new form of diagnostic aid for neurophysiology. I used signal processing and machine learning for determining muscle fibre location and behaviour.

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Grip strength calculator

Grip strength is an important predictor of mortality. I used existing population measures of grip strength to build a z-score calculator, to allow the severity of muscle weakness to be calculated by researchers. Built in JS.

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Explain This Paper

I built this website in Django to help doctors understand complicated topics in scientific literature. There's a real gap in translating research into the real world, which Explain This Paper hopes to fill

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During medical school I built a website in PHP, used by medical students to share information and learn together. During it's peak it was being used by thousands of students every day, with over 9,000 edits made!



I've given a number of research talks to national & international audiences. This is just a small selection which have been recorded

Ultrasound guided Motor Unit Scanning EMG
For the British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology

Is muscle weakness getting on your nerves?

A public engagement talk for the Newcastle University INSIGHTS public lecture series

The power of information sharing online

Here I explore the vast potential of websites as hosts to collaborative efforts at teaching and information sharing
Audio only for the first half due to a technical glitch


Winner British society for clinical neurophysiology Adrian prize
Winner Royal College Physicians London Turner Warwick Lecture
Scholarship European Congress Clinical Neurophysiology Visiting Scholar
Award HRH Duke of York Entrepreneur
Winner GCHQ Coding competition
Top prize EPSRC Create4Dementia Hackathon